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RH's Get To The Point Wins BOSB at Jersey Wooly Nationals 2016

  Wow, what a thrill it was to win BOSB at a National show! I was totally blown away. I just love this doe! Have to say she sure did look good up on the table being judged. She loves to strut her fluff. 



Located in Northern Illinois,  I have been breeding rabbits for more than 20 years.  I started with mini rex and added jersey woolies about 19 years ago. Although we still do have some Mini Rex, the jerseys have won my heart and have pretty much taken over the rabbitry.  I play with just about every color, but really love the AOV's. I am a member of ARBA, and NJWRC.  I try to attend most of the shows in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area. Here you see a picture of my home bred doe,  Pretty Pretty Princess . This picture was taken the June 14th 2014 when she won her first Reserve In Show. She won this at the Northwood's Rabbit Club show in Antigo, WI.  Thank you for visiting my wonderful woolies, Gayle Beirau.


RH's Get To The Point Wins BOB at the Badger Show  03/13/16


RH's Get To The Point Wins BOB at the Tri County show in Jefferson WI 04/09/16

RH's Get To The Point Wins BOB at the Tri County Show in Jefferson WI 04/10/16

RH's Lava Love Wins BOSB at the Tri County Show in Jefferson WI 04/10/16

Princess's Big Win

  Pretty Pretty Princess won her second Best Of Breed as a Jr. She won this at the Tri County show in Jefferson Wisconsin on 4/13/14. Nice job little girl!





  Picture Perfect my homebred rew doe that won me my first BIS. She won this at Peoria. What a doe, way to go Perfect. Lots of hugs and kisses for her on that day. She was the picture of perfection. Perfect also ended up being 4th place jersey wooly of the year for 2005. She is a Showtime baby and out of TMHB's Buffy.





Just had to add this pic to my site. This is Rolling Hill's Flashdance.  Flashdance won BOB for me on March 11th at the Badger show in Jefferson WI. Terri Erb took and then sent me this pic of her at the show. I thought this was too cute not to add to my site. It looks like this little girl had her own opinion of her win, or maybe she just doesn't like having her picture taken, LOL. Either way it was just too cute and I just had to add this one.  Thanks, Terri for this awesome picture.  I love it!


RH's Queen Of Heart's won BIS for me Sunday Dec. 2nd, 2012 at the Tibbar show in New Lenox, IL. She sure strutted her fluff! :)

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