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Nicholas and his Rolling Hills Easter Bunnies

Thanks so much Nicholas for sending me this absolutely adorable picture of you and your Rolling Hills bunnies. It is just too cute!

Maximilian at Christmas

This is Maximilian, I was sent this adorable picture of him from his new owners and just had to add it to my site. What an adorable picture it is too. He doesn't look to spoiled or loved, does he?  Thanks to Melissa, Kevin and Nicholas for keeping me updated on how Max is doing. Love the hat.

Tom wins G.C. Meat Pen at our County Fair 2008

Pictured here with our 4H judge Dallas Meyer, Tom took Grand Champion Meat Pen this year at our McHenry County Fair. Way to go Tom.

Tom Auctions off his G.C. Meatpen

Tom, pictured here with his G.C. Meatpen cals. A big Thank you to Kerry Schultz for bidding on them.

Tom wins RIS at our 4H County Fair show 2008

Boy was Tom happy when his Holland Lop SM's Spooky won Reserve In Show for him at our County Fair. Lots of bunnies were shown too. Way to go Tom and Spooky!


What a cute picture. Puddin's owner, Candice took Puddin to PetSmart to get her picture taken with Santa and sent one to me. Too cute. I'm sure she got what she asked for from Santa for Christmas. Thanks Candice for all the updates on Puddin as well as the great picture. I always love to hear how my bunnies are doing in their new homes.


This is Stubs. She is a rescue bunny. She got her name because that is what she has for feet. When we got Stubs, I didn't think she would make it through the night. She was so starved and had frost bite on all of her toes. I don't think I have ever seen a bunny more starved. Every bone in her body was showing. She didn't weigh anything. As it turned out she lost almost all of her toes. Her toes turned black and she kept chewing on them. I think she must have known that she had gangrene and they had to come off. Two of her toes were hanging by a thread, so I cut them off. I kept them clean and put medicine on them everyday. I gave her a nest box filled with clean shavings, straw and hay. She had her food bowl and water right in front of her, she would not leave the box it hurt her paws to much, so I had to keep cleaning the box. Well Stubs did make it and she is one of the sweetest bunnies in the barn. My kids breed her each year for our county fair. She is such a good mom and loves her babies. We kept one of her daughters, Butterscotch. Butterscotch now has 2 legs from winning a B.O.B. and a B.O.S. for my son Tom. Stubs is here to stay.


I don't know what made Tom think of asking Bobbi to give him a kiss, but I swear that bunny loves him. Every time he asks her for one she gives it to him. At first she would always kiss me too, but then she quit. She even gave my husband a kiss. She won't give them to me anymore, but when Tom asks she always does. I guess this little girl knows who she belongs too. She is such a cutie and so sweet. She gets excited when Tom comes into the shed. She really does love him.


Tom has done it again. He now has taught 3 bunnies to give kisses on command. They all love him. 


Cash is a real lover. He thrives on attention. He won't stop running around in his cage until you come over to pet him. What a clown. He's always up for a kiss too. Just ask and you shall receive.


Dan won his second BIS with this cute little rew jr. buck RH's Surething. He was so thrilled. Surething ended up granding. Dan had won his first BIS at our county fair with a black jr. buck the year before.

Our County Fair

Dan at our county fair with one of his mini rex.

Tom and a mini rex baby

This is one of my favorite pictures of Tom when he was little. He always loved playing with the babies.


This is a picture of my husband Dave with my son Tommy's bunny Spooky. Spooky is soooo spoiled. He gets to come in the house all the time and play with Tom. Spooky has learned how to climb up on your shoulder. He loves to sit there while you are on the computer or watching TV. He is too cute.


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