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Me and Snap

  Trail riding time!

Me and my baby

  Snap is such a good boy! I just love him! He makes me so happy!

Snap and some of his stable buddies

  Snap with his buds Shay and Czena.

My new boy Snap

  Here's my new love, Snap. He is such a great horse and I feel so blessed to have him. He is a dream to ride.

Troubles- Gone but never forgotten

Troubles is now gone. He was 34 years old and had gotten EPM which is a bug that settles in the horses spinal cord. Troubles fought it for awhile but in the end it was just too much for him. We had to put him down August 6th, 2008. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. It truly helped to have some of my good friends there with me by my side for support, I really appreciated that. I just keep telling myself that he is in a better place. He will always be in my heart and will never be forgotten. Troubles was definitely one of the best and can never be replaced. He was one of a kind.

A Silent Tribute

This is Si, he is an 18 year old Quarter Horse. His registered name is A Silent Tribute. He is 15.3 hands high. I have owned Si now for almost 13 years. He is a great horse. My step daughter used him for her 4H horse and also did many open shows. He has been shown english, western, teampened, and LOTS of trail riding. He loads into any trailer and has a great personality. You couldn't ask for a better horse for road riding. Not much spooks this horse. It is going to break my heart to sell him but I just don't have the time like Si deserves to spend with him. So I am looking for someone who can give that to him. I would love to see Si go to a nice 4H home or someone that is just looking for a good trail horse. SOLD


This is a picture of my neice Annie with my palomino Si at our house for my sons birthday party. It had been awhile since I brought the horses over for parties, but I knew how bad my neices wanted them there. I had my sister-in-law help me ride them over. It took us 1 1/2 hours to ride them over. Both Si here and Troubles were real troopers all day long for the kids, giving them all pony rides all day then riding back to the barn. It was a long day but a fun one.

Si and Dan 8/20/06

 Here is my son Dan on Si at his birhday party. Si is so good with the kids.


Here is a nice picture of two of my neices with Si at my kids birthday party.


 Another picture of my neices with Si at my sons birthday party. Picture taken August 20th, 2006


This is Tom riding my 32 year old man Troubles. You couldn't ask for a more bomb proof horse. Troubles is truly one of a kind. The kids just rode him around most of the time with a halter and lead rope.

Troubles Pulling a Carriage

When I got married {the first time}I insisted on having a horse drawn carriage. I didn't want any old horse pulling me. I had to have my horse Troubles for the job. I worked in a restaurant and I new a customer that trained harness race horses. He said he would train Troubs for me for my wedding present. Troubs had a crash course in driving. He was trained to pull a sulky, which is different than a carriage. It made no difference to him though. He didn't care. This horse did a fantastic job. We hooked up the carriage and Troubs was a pro. What a beautiful job he did. He was so handsome. {The horse that is}.

Our Pony Club Days

Me and Troubs on the jumping course.

Pony Clubs Days

Another picture of us jumping. These were the good old days.

Birthday Parties

Every year when the kids were growing up I would bring the horses over for their birthday parties. We have a half an acre fenced in yard and everyone would take turns riding the horses. Everyone loved it. This picture is of my husband Dave and my son Tom.

Troubs and Santa

A long time ago a man from the neighborhood where I used to board Troubs ask me if he could borrow Troubs to deliver some Christmas presents. He needed a quiet horse that was good around kids. He was dressing up like Santa and going through his neighborhood. Again Troubs was great and the kids loved it.

More party pictures

These are my three neices, Carolyn, Annie and Marybeth on Troubles.

Dana and Si

This is my step daughter Dana on Si at a show.

Troubles on a trail ride

This picture was taken in Missouri on a cross country trail ride in 1982. What a time we had. It was the best. We even went swimming. It was the one and only time. Troubs didn't want to at first but I got him to do it. What a blast it is.


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